Customer Success Stories


As fire truck production increased, it became increasingly difficult for Rosenbauer to keep up with the demand for welding gas. MO2 designed and installed a bulk gas system that delivers welding gas directly to the welders, which reduces the time and money spent on moving cylinders.

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When Castle Danger Brewery’s growth and increased beer production tested the brewery’s capabilities, Minneapolis Oxygen helped the brewery’s cost-effective switch to micro-bulk and bulk gas supplies.

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MO2’s expertise, service and reliable supply offered cost-savings solutions that not only kept up with Super Radiator Coils welding production growth, but paved the way for continued expansion.

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For nearly 20 years, Minneapolis Oxygen has delivered medical oxygen gas to Pediatric Home Service (PHS). As business has grown, MO2 has helped PHS manage cylinder inventory, scheduling multiple delivery days per week, cylinder acquisition, and even assisting in locating another vendor to supply oxygen in a new out of state market.

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