Delivery Services

Minneapolis Oxygen Company offers next day delivery service, which ensures you get your products as soon as possible. In many cases, we can even offer same day delivery service if orders are received prior to 8:30 a.m. Our fleet of delivery trucks is on the road every day to make sure you get your products on time—and when you need them.

Delivery Area

Minneapolis Oxygen delivers gas and equipment throughout the entire Minneapolis/Saint Paul and Duluth/Superior metro areas. We can go out 100 miles from each branch (shown at right) for regular deliveries. For bulk deliveries, the range increases to 300 miles.

Always on Time

From in-store pickup and next day delivery to regularly scheduled deliveries and automated fill scheduling via telemetry (for bulk and micro-bulk tanks), our top priority is to ensure you get your products on time every time. Minneapolis Oxygen delivers your products directly to you—not just to your loading dock, but to your job site or your lab space.

Learn More About Delivery

Contact Minneapolis Oxygen today at 800-236-3902 or contact us online.

Cylinder Tracking

Our cylinder tracking service greatly reduces the problem of lost or stolen cylinders as well as eliminating billing errors. Each of our cylinders is barcoded, providing us with the ability to track the cylinders through the rental and return process—ensuring that the right customers get credit for returns and that your cylinder rental balances are accurate.

Being a customer of our e-store allows you to view and verify your current cylinder balances as part of the overall cylinder tracking service that we provide (account required).