Pure Gas

When your application requires ultra-high purity, instrument or research grade, or chemically pure gas, Minneapolis Oxygen can deliver. We provide certificates of analysis so you can be confident about the quality of your gas.

Purity is commonly expressed as a two digit number. For example, Helium with a purity of 99.9996% would be described as Helium 5.6 with the 5 representing the number of nines, while the 6 represents the first digit following the nines.

Pure Gas Supplier

Minneapolis Oxygen specializes in providing pure gases for analytical, scientific, environmental, electronic, medical, petrochemical, and metalworking applications. If you need a specific purity level, we can provide the correct mixture, assuring you the quality you need for any process.

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Gas Handling Equipment

Minneapolis Oxygen also offers an extensive line of gas handling equipment to preserve gas purity and integrity and deliver it safely to the point of use. Our inventory includes:

  • Custom Gas Distribution System Design
  • Gas Cabinets and Storage Units
  • Manifolds and Changeover Systems
  • Miscellaneous Gas Fittings and Equipment
  • On-site Safety Audits
  • Point-of-Use Panels
  • Gas Pressure Regulators
  • Flowmeters
  • Wireless Gas Monitoring
  • Industrial Grade Equipment
  • Cryogenic
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Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Pure Gas Cylinder Sizing Chart