At Minneapolis Oxygen, we have years’ worth of experience. Let us answer your questions.

What are the key features of having an online account?

Our online ordering system allows you to order anytime, anywhere. The key features are:

  • Quick and convenient ordering
  • Ease of use – order frequently ordered items with a click of a button
  • Get shipping and other information shortly after placing the order
  • Your contract items at your fingertips
  • Visual order – less chance of errors
  • View past orders & re-order as needed
  • Multiple users can be set up under the same company

How do I register for an online account to order?

For current Minneapolis Oxygen customers, register for an online account. If you are not a current customer, and new to Minneapolis Oxygen, just complete the online credit application.

Where can I find the MSDS/SDS product information?

We have a SDS (safety Data Sheet) page here. On the e-store site, the SDS tab is available under the product ordering information. Click on the tab to access the sheets.

Are the products on the site all the products you carry?

No. We carry many more products and can special order other products. Please call our customer service staff at 800-236-3902 for availability. You can also email us using the contact form.

Do you sell used equipment?

Along with our rental fleet, we have pre-owned equipment for sale all year long. Due to high turn-around and changing inventory of our pre-owned equipment, it’s best to check with our Minneapolis location for up-to-date information.

What’s the difference between specialty and industrial gases?

Many people are confused over the difference between industrial gases and specialty gases. In general, most compressed gases are used for some sort of industrial application, so all could be considered to be industrial gases. The true difference between specialty and industrial gases lies in the complexity, level of purity, and certainty of composition of the gas.

Basically, specialty gases are industrial gases taken to a higher level—they are high quality gases manufactured for specific applications and prepared using laboratory analysis and other precise processes to quantify, minimize, or eliminate unknown or undesirable characteristics. Precision blending is also used to achieve accurate concentration values for components contained with the gas mixture.

What’s the proper way to handle compressed gas cylinders?

  • Accept only cylinders approved for use in interstate commerce for transportation of compressed gases.
  • Always wear proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Cylinders must always be transported on wheeled cylinder carts with retaining straps or chains.
  • Cylinders should be secured in a boot or by a chain to a fixed support to prevent them from being dropped or from falling over.
  • Do not remove or change numbers or marks stamped on cylinders.
  • Cylinders should not be banged, dropped or permitted to strike each other or against other hard surfaces.
  • Never use compressed gas to dust off clothing. This could cause injury to the eyes or body and create a fire hazard. Clothing can become saturated and burst into flames if touched by an ignition source such as a spark or cigarette.
  • Do not use the valve cover to lift cylinders; they could be damaged and become unattached causing the cylinder to drop on a hard surface possibly resulting in an explosion.

What are OSHA/DOT requirements for compressed gas cylinders?

OSHA’s Compressed Gases (General Requirements) Standard, §1910.101 specify that compressed gas cylinders under your control must be maintained in a safe condition to the extent that the cylinders’ mechanical integrity can be determined by visual inspection. However, both OSHA and DOT recognize that, based on the service of the cylinder (i.e., material, pressure, etc.) a visual inspection alone may be insufficient to determine the mechanical integrity of a compressed gas cylinder. That’s why it’s a good idea to have your gas cylinders inspected and maintained regularly by an experienced gas supplier like Minneapolis Oxygen.

What’s the big deal with cylinder tracking?

Our cylinder tracking service greatly reduces the problem of lost or stolen cylinders as well as eliminating billing errors. Each of our cylinders is barcoded, providing us with the ability to track the cylinders through the rental and return process—ensuring that the right customers get credit for returns and that your cylinder rental balances are accurate.

Being a customer of our e-store allows you to view and verify your current cylinder balances as part of the overall cylinder tracking service that we provide (account required).

I noticed an error on the website. How do I let you know?

You can contact us through our contact form to notify us of any errors.