Industrial Vending

Keep your supplies closer to where they’re used, and track how they are used. Vending machines are a customizable solution to asset management by way of configurable software that monitors inventory levels & usage.

Control Your Supplies By:

  • Traditional dispenser units for high-use items
  • Tool lockers that track who checks out what tool
  • Weight sensitive storage for smaller components
  • Employee codes or badges to track who is using what and how often
  • Automatically reorders when stock gets lows.

Client Success Story: An Innovative Welding Consumables Supply Solution

One of the challenges of having a busy welding operation is keeping up with the demand for consumables. Minneapolis Oxygen offered an innovative solution: a vending machine. Only this vending machine didn’t offer sodas and snacks, it stocked the consumables that kept the Super Radiator Coils’ welders working. “I like having it a lot. It works well,” Tim Schumacher, Production Manager with Super Radiator Coils said of the vending machine solution. “It eliminated a lot of emergencies.” Read the case study here.

Customizable Supply Solutions Built for Your Business

Minneapolis Oxygen’s partnership with CribTrack means we can customize a solution specifically for your facility’s needs. Configurable software allows endless customization between all of CribTrack’s vending units.

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