Bulk gas systems

Minneapolis Oxygen Micro-Bulk offers a wide range of benefits, including uninterrupted supply and fewer administrative obligations.

Industrial, medical,   & specialty gases

Minneapolis Oxygen will supply you with the correct industrial, medical, or specialty gas for any application.

Welding equipment & supplies

Minneapolis Oxygen carries a large inventory of equipment, consumables, tools, and accessories for all your welding and cutting needs.

Equipment rental & service

Our equipment specialists can help meet your rental welding equipment needs. Our expert technicians can fix darn near everything.

Introducing MO2 SmartSupply

When you’re getting too many deliveries or your usage increases, MO2 SmartSupply is the efficient (more savings & less paperwork) approach to receiving an uninterrupted supply of nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide gases.


Medical Gas Supply

When you’re busy saving lives, the last thing you need to worry about is your gas supplier. You can rest assured knowing that Minneapolis Oxygen has the best medical-grade gases and a team of experts who can help with purchase, storage, tracking and distribution.

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