Special Applications Gas

From laser mixtures, to breathing air to nitrous oxide and CO2 fire extinguisher refills, Minneapolis Oxygen has a wide variety of gas for every welding, metal fabrication, and industrial application alongside the technical expertise to help tailor a solution for your business.

Special Applications Gas Supplier

Minneapolis Oxygen provides special application gases available for a variety of industries and uses. Whether you need gases, regulators, manifolds, hoses, or safety supplies, we can meet your needs at a local level. It’s supply and service you can rely on.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Special Applications Gas Cylinder Sizing Chart

Cylinder handling & storage equipment

MO2 has the cylinder handling and storage equipment to make your life easier. Safely store and easily transport compressed gas cylinders using properly designed carts and carriers.

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Don’t compromise on safety when you’re moving cylinders. We carry:

  • Big 40 Trailer
  • Cylinder Carts
  • Cylinder Trucks
  • Cylinder Stands
  • Cylinder Racks


Store your gas cylinders safely and securely with our equipment:

  • Cylinder Rings
  • Tank Stand
  • Brackets
  • Liquid Cylinders