Introducing MO2 SmartSupply

As your need for gas volume increases, it’s time to consider an integrated, streamlined alternative to changing out cylinders or dealing with dewars. MO2 SmartSupply offers uninterrupted supply, more savings and fewer administrative obligations for your nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and carbon dioxide process gases.

A Tailored Approach

Our process begins with a site survey, taking in your specific application and requirements. Our technical experts will not only recommend the best tank for your unique situation, but will design and install a supply system to efficiently get the gas where you need it.

Delivered by truck, your gases are transferred into a liquid storage supply system that we deliver and install. With a tank capacity ranging from 25 to 50 cylinders, these micro-bulk systems provide product safely and cost-effectively.

Beyond maximized gas efficiency, MO2 SmartSupply also offers cylinder tracking for accurate billing, on-site vending for hardgood supplies, easy online ordering with next day delivery, and telemetry monitoring to ensure uninterrupted gas supply.

Safety, Service and Reliability—and Good for your Bottom Line.

  • Reduces supply interruptions
  • Greater availability of gas for weekends or emergencies
  • Eliminates weekly orders
  • System monitors levels and schedules deliveries automatically
  • Increases safety and performance
  • Avoids cylinder handling injuries
  • Increases operational performance
  • Fewer cylinders means more available plant space
  • Reduces inefficiencies and costs
  • Eliminates cylinder handling costs
  • Reduces delivery charges
  • Saves on residual product left in cylinders
  • Stop worrying about lost or damaged cylinders
  • Eliminates need for cylinder change-outs—reducing labor costs
  • Fewer (and simpler) invoices

See if MO2 SmartSupply is Right for You

It begins with a phone call. Don’t be shy, call us at 800-236-3902 or contact us online.

“Production has grown in a significant way and Minneapolis Oxygen Company has been there for every step of it.”

Clint MacFarlane, founder and owner, Castle Danger Brewery.

Castle Danger Brewery began in a 700 square foot space on the shores of Lake Superior outputting just three barrels (approx. 93 gallons) at a time. From that humble beginning, Castle Danger has expanded several times and their annual output now reaches over 25,000 barrels (775,000 gallons).

To help Castle Danger Brewery with their growth, Minneapolis Oxygen’s MO2 SmartSupply program analyzed the brewery’s gas needs and suggested a more efficient, safer and cost-effective alternative to cylinder delivery. In 2015, MO2 set up micro-bulk storage tanks and installed gas lines to ensure an uninterrupted supply of the gases Castle Danger needed.

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