Bulk Gas Systems

Absolute Air

Minneapolis Oxygen is part of Absolute Air, LLC, a consortium of five locally owned independent welding supply and gas companies, along with the Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative (IWDC). Together, we’re building a new air separation plant to provide bulk gas and cryogenic solutions for our customers. The investment is a proactive move to ensure an ongoing and more economical supply of bulk gas against the backdrop of continuing consolidation of international gas producers.

Harvesting the Sky

Absolute Air ground breaking
Thank you to everyone who joined us at the groundbreaking for Absolute Air! We’re so excited about this opportunity!

The new state-of-the-art facility will produce oxygen, nitrogen and argon gases for use in customer applications such as metal fabrication, blanketing, purging, combustion, chilling and freezing. The plant will be located just south of the Twin Cities metro area in Faribault.

Consistent. Local. Quality.

Minneapolis Oxygen’s skilled team has the technology and know-how for all of your gas needs and services. Before we recommend a supply option, our professionals analyze your operation to determine your gas supply requirements and other critical factors.

Based on this analysis, MO2 will design a gas supply system that consistently meets your needs—with the highest quality and lowest cost of ownership. It’s truly supply and service you can rely on.

Call us at 800-236-3902 or contact us today to discuss your gas applications and needs.

MO2 SmartSupply (Micro-bulk) installation

Minneapolis Oxygen introduces MO2 SmartSupply

As your need for gas volume increases, it’s time to consider an integrated, streamlined alternative to changing out cylinders or dealing with dewars. MO2 SmartSupply is the efficient way to receive the process gases you need when you’re getting too many deliveries or your usage demands are increasing. This cost-effective approach offers an uninterrupted supply with more savings and less paperwork related to your nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and carbon dioxide process gases.

Our process begins with a site survey to determine your specific application requirements. Not only will our technical experts recommend the best tank for your unique situation, they will design and install a supply system that efficiently gets the gas where you need it. Beyond maximizing gas efficiency, MO2 SmartSupply also offers cylinder tracking for accurate billing, on-site vending for hardgood supplies, easy online ordering with next day delivery, and telemetry monitoring to ensure uninterrupted gas supply.

It begins with a phone call. Don’t be shy, call us at 800-236-3902.