Primary & Certified Standards Gas

Minneapolis Oxygen offers two types of product grades available for your calibration gas standard: Primary and Certified Standards.

The Primary Standard is the most accurate and is made by weight. Unless stated otherwise, the specialty gas mixture is certified to ± 1% analytical accuracy of the numbers reported. The Primary Standard should be used when your application demands the highest mixture accuracy and reliability.

The Certified Standard is made by a combination of pressure and/or weight measurements. Unless stated otherwise, the calibration gas mixture is certified to ± 2% analytical accuracy of the numbers reported. Sometimes referred to as working standards, Certified Standards are analyzed calibration mixtures used routinely in science and industry. For the majority of applications, the tolerance of a Certified Standard is acceptable.

In the case of all specialty gas products, final calibration gas mixtures are analyzed by gas chromatography or other suitable analytical methodology to confirm they are within the allowed tolerances. All calibration gas mixtures are supplied with a Certificate of Analysis that details the requested and analytical values.

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Gas Handling Equipment

Minneapolis Oxygen also offers an extensive line of gas handling equipment to preserve gas purity and integrity and deliver it safely to the point of use. Our inventory includes:

  • Custom Gas Distribution System Design
  • Gas Cabinets and Storage Units
  • Manifolds and Changeover Systems
  • Miscellaneous Gas Fittings and Equipment
  • On-site Safety Audits
  • Point-of-Use Panels
  • Gas Pressure Regulators
  • Flowmeters
  • Wireless Gas Monitoring
  • Industrial Grade Equipment
  • Cryogenic
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Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Primary & Certified Gas Standards Cylinder Sizing Chart