Food & Beverage

Fresh, fizzy, or frozen—we’re here to serve you. Minneapolis Oxygen proudly offers our customers in the beverage and food industries the high-quality gases you need to fuel your business. Our food and beverage clients range from food processing companies to breweries. We provide everything from industrial and specialty gases to designing and installing bulk delivery systems for processing foods.

Brewery Expertise

Our supply of carbon dioxide for brewers and restaurants can help you serve fans of the finest foamy beer with the latest bubbly trend. Our beer gas mixtures of nitrogen and carbon dioxide gases supply bars and restaurants with the best means of carbonation, while argon gas is best for use in wineries and restaurant wine taps.

Supply and Service You Can Rely On

Minneapolis Oxygen strives for flawless execution when providing food and beverage grade gases for your establishment or processing facility. We work beside you so that you always have what you need when you need it. With Minneapolis Oxygen, you can get all your gases along with any regulators or other equipment you’ll need. Everything comes in one delivery with one invoice so there’s no confusion or lost items. We get the products to you so that you can keep the production lines moving and the beverages flowing.

To experience our whole range of products, services and expertise, give us a call at 800-236-3902 or contact us online.

“Production has grown in a significant way and Minneapolis Oxygen Company has been there for every step of it.”

Clint MacFarlane, founder and owner, Castle Danger Brewery.

Castle Danger Brewery began in a 700 square foot space on the shores of Lake Superior outputting just three barrels (approx. 93 gallons) at a time. From that humble beginning, Castle Danger has expanded several times and their annual output now reaches over 25,000 barrels (775,000 gallons).

To help Castle Danger Brewery with their growth, Minneapolis Oxygen’s MO2 SmartSupply program analyzed the brewery’s gas needs and suggested a more efficient, safer and cost-effective alternative to cylinder delivery. In 2015, MO2 set up micro-bulk storage tanks and installed gas lines to ensure an uninterrupted supply of the gases Castle Danger needed.

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