Bulk Gas Systems


If you’re using a large volume of cylinders per month, installing a Micro-Bulk system can dramatically reduce the amount of time and money you’re spending. Streamlining your system to one tank is also much safer and more stable.

Using Minneapolis Oxygen to design and install your Micro-Bulk storage system guarantees it’ll work flawlessly with our distribution services. It’s the easiest way to ensure you’re getting the right system for the gases you need. We even offer telemetry with our Micro-Bulk systems which allow us to automatically send over an order to refill your system if it’s running low. That’s just one way we take the worry out of managing your Micro-Bulk.

Eliminate Hassles. Reduce Costs. Increase Safety.

Minneapolis Oxygen Micro-Bulk offers a wide range of benefits, including uninterrupted supply, more savings and fewer administrative obligations.

Better still, you only pay for the gas you use—there’s no residual gas loss (typically as much as 20%) from returned cylinders and there’s very little venting of Micro-Bulk tanks. And because there’s no need to handle cylinders, Micro-Bulk increases on-site safety and frees up personnel. For gas storage systems over 450 L to 3,000 L, check out our bulk storage system capabilities.

Finally, we’ve got the best technical support team in the industry to help keep your system running smoothly. Contact us online or at 800-236-3902 for a free consultation to get started.

MO2 SmartSupply (Micro-bulk) installation

Minneapolis Oxygen introduces MO2 SmartSupply

As your need for gas volume increases, it’s time to consider an integrated, streamlined alternative to changing out cylinders or dealing with dewars. MO2 SmartSupply is the efficient way to receive the process gases you need when you’re getting too many deliveries or your usage demands are increasing. This cost-effective approach offers an uninterrupted supply with more savings and less paperwork related to your nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and carbon dioxide process gases.

Our process begins with a site survey to determine your specific application requirements. Not only will our technical experts recommend the best tank for your unique situation, they will design and install a supply system that efficiently gets the gas where you need it. Beyond maximizing gas efficiency, MO2 SmartSupply also offers cylinder tracking for accurate billing, on-site vending for hardgood supplies, easy online ordering with next day delivery, and telemetry monitoring to ensure uninterrupted gas supply.

It begins with a phone call. Don’t be shy, call us at 800-236-3902.