Propylene Gas

Propylene is a colorless fuel gas with a naturally pungent smell. Although similar to propane, it has a double bond which gives it a combustion advantage. This fuel gas is extremely flammable and non-toxic. Propylene is obtained during the refining of gasoline. But it can also be produced by splitting, cracking and reforming hydrocarbon mixtures.

Propylene Applications

Propylene is an attractive alternative to propane for heating and cutting due to its superior combustion performance. It is also widely used as a fuel gas for high-velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) processes. In addition, the chemical and plastics industries rely on propylene as a fuel gas.

Non-fuel applications include organic synthesis to produce materials such as acetone. Propylene can be polymerized to form polypropylene plastic—creating robust products ranging from protective car bumpers to life-saving medical tools to cold-weather gear for our soldiers. It can also be employed as a refrigerant, in calibration mixtures and as a chemical intermediate. In addition, it is used for efficiency testing of gas burners and engines.

Propylene Gas Supplier

Minneapolis Oxygen provides propylene in a variety of sizes. From 2 to 105 pound cylinders, we provide propylene supply and service you can rely on.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Propylene Cylinder Sizing Chart

Cylinder handling & storage equipment

MO2 has the cylinder handling and storage equipment to make your life easier. Safely store and easily transport compressed gas cylinders using properly designed carts and carriers.

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