Medical Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is used for insufflating medical gas—to enlarge and stabilize body cavities to provide better visibility of the surgical area—for less invasive surgeries like laparoscopy, arthroscopy and endoscopy. Carbon dioxide can also be used for cryotherapy, where temperatures of -76° C, can be achieved. Using this technique body cells are destroyed by the process of crystallization, and may include the removal of wart, moles and skin tags. Carbon dioxide can be combined with oxygen or air for respiratory stimulation during and after anesthesia. CO2 may be piped in large hospitals, but more likely comes from a tank.

CO2 Gas Supplier

Emergencies don’t wait—neither do we. Minneapolis Oxygen supports our medical customers by having next day delivery as a standard practice with same day emergency delivery as an always available option. When patients are counting on you, count on us to be there.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Carbon Dioxide Cylinder Sizing Chart

Cylinder handling & storage equipment

MO2 has the cylinder handling and storage equipment to make your life easier. Safely store and easily transport compressed gas cylinders using properly designed carts and carriers.

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