Universities & Research

University laboratories across the United States rely on Minneapolis Oxygen to provide them with precise specialty gases that allow them to conduct the kind of research that can create lasting changes in our world. We are proud to supply a number of universities and research institutions, and our specialty gas experts will work with your lab to provide the exact measurements you require.

Vocational & Technical Schools

Minneapolis Oxygen provides welding students with the protective equipment and welding machines that will ensure success. Our small welding machines, torches, and filler metals from top manufacturers like Miller and Hobart are part of the perfect starter setup for the student welder. We offer a wide range of welding helmets to suit the needs and budget of welders in training. From standard welding hats to new models of electronic helmets featuring air filtration, as well as the gloves, jackets, ear and eye protection, and all the safety equipment you require, we supply the entire range of welding equipment for Vocational & Technical schools.

Supply and Service You Can Rely On

We also pride ourselves on having the best technical support team in the industry. We’re highly experienced in handling everything from lecture bottles to specialty gases cylinders. On top of that, we’re a one-stop-shop that’s able to provide not just the gases but also the gas equipment you’ll need. This hassle-free approach means one delivery and one invoice for all your supplies.

To experience our whole range of products, services and expertise, give us a call at 800-236-3902 or contact us online.