Why micro-bulk is a cost-effective alternative

First, let’s acknowledge that micro-bulk is an oxymoron. Little Big? Like other notable oxymorons—working vacation, jumbo shrimp, open secret, and my favorite, liquid gas—there’s a certain truth there.

In the world of gas supply, as you move past cylinder deliveries and before you get to the massive storage tanks of industrial gases, there’s a smaller large supply of gas available. Micro-bulk.

If you’re using a large number of cylinders per month, switching to a micro-bulk system can dramatically reduce the time and money you’re spending. Streamlining your system to one tank is also much safer and more stable.

How micro-bulk works
Micro-bulk storage tanks can be installed almost anywhere—inside or outside your facility. This avoids the extensive site prep and costs associated with bulk supply while making installation much faster. Piping is installed to deliver the gas from the micro-bulk tank to your welding line, brewing production area, laboratory or whatever application you need it for.

And here’s the really awesome part: there’s telemetry that automatically notifies your supplier when it’s time to dispatch a truck to refill your tank. No more running out of gas, no more time wasting cylinder change outs and no more production delays.

Why micro-bulk is cost-effective
• Reduced delivery charges
• No residual gas returned to the supplier
• More efficient accounting and ordering
• Minimal inventory maintenance
• Reduced downtime on cylinder change-outs
• Productive use of labor force
• Efficient use of production space
• Lower maintenance costs

How do I know if micro-bulk is right for me?
Do you find yourself asking these sorts of questions?
• Why are we ordering gas so often?
• Are we wasting gas?
• Why is our rental bill so confusing?

Honestly, just talk to your gas supplier. Here at Minneapolis Oxygen, our process begins with a review of your gas order history and a site survey to determine your specific application requirements. Not only will our technical experts recommend the best tank for your unique situation, but we’ll also design and install a supply system that efficiently gets the gas where you need it. That’s what we do.

Next time you’re frustrated with keeping track of all those cylinders, consider micro-bulk. With a compact, on-site refillable tank, a micro-bulk system can easily fit your facility—and your budget. And that’s awfully good (oxymoron intended!) business.

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