If Cylinders Could Talk: Ours Can.

The Internet of Things is changing how businesses engage with their customers.  Sensors, connected to the Internet, can live within the lives of customers and report back critical information that can improve quality of service.  Refrigerators keep track of food levels and schedule grocery deliveries.  Thermostats learn about patterns of residents and take efforts to save energy and keep everyone comfortable.  Wrist watches don’t just keep time, they now monitor heart rate and can notify monitors if something is amiss.

Minneapolis Oxygen has taken full advantage of this paradigm by using Telemetry to monitor customer tank levels and delivering product in anticipation of an upcoming need.  It’s a win-win for everyone involved in the process.  Customers avoid unexpected gas shortages and benefits by improving operational efficiency and quality of service delivery.

In short, this new tidal wave of capabilities is helping us achieve our vision of being the most responsive and proactive provider of gas products to our growing customer base.

We have partnered with Wise Telemetry to make this capability a reality for our customers. Wise Telemetry allows us to monitor our customer’s tank levels and send deliveries at the most efficient times while saving the customer money.  These monitors deliver a dashboard to customers who benefit by seeing their current level of available gas.  But most importantly, they allow MO2 to be a true partner in their supply chain.  Customers benefit from peace of mind and lower cost of delivery.  We virtually eliminate the crisis delivery that can interrupt product delivery and disrupt customer operations. Like I said, a true win-win.

One of our customers that has experienced the benefits of our partnership with Wise Telemetry is Super Radiator Coils. “We look for service, reliability and accountability in our vendors,” Schumacher stated. “Minneapolis Oxygen understands our business and what we’re trying to do. We’ve had a really close relationship.”

Our telemetry solutions may never be as sexy as talking doorbells and intelligent refrigerators.  However, remote monitoring and predictive dashboards that keep our customers one step ahead of their competition are an exciting ability for Minneapolis Oxygen and its customer base.