Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

We are currently updating these, but have most of them on the site. To access the MSDS/SDS information, go to the search area of the site and search the product. Once you locate the product, click on it. The MSDS/SDS tab is available under the product ordering information. Click on the tab to access the sheets.

For current B2B customers, please contact your sales rep to get set up. If you are not a current customer, contact us for more information.

Also, you can create a quote (search the product and click on "ADD TO QUOTE") if you are looking for pricing on specific items. Once you place a quote, we are able to set you up as a customer from the information your provided in your quote.

Search for the product using our search bar, or find the product using the categories on the homepage. Once you locate the product you'd like a quote on, simply click on the "Add to Quote" button. When you are done adding items to your quote, click on the "View Quote List" and follow the directions for getting a quote. Our Customer Service Department will get back to your promptly.

You can contact us through our contact form to notify us of any errors.

No. We carry many more products and can special order other products. Please call our customer service staff at (800) 236-3902 or locally, (612) 588-8855 for availability. You can also email us using the Contact Form.