Bulk and Specialty Solutions

Bulk & Specialty Gases

When your gas needs increase and your high pressure cylinders no longer meet your volume requirements, Minneapolis Oxygen Company (MO2) can provide portable liquid containers, tube trailers, micro-bulk solutions, or bulk cryogenic vessel systems to meet your needs.

MO2 has experienced technicians that install cryogenic bulk tanks, micro-bulk tanks, and compressed gas tanks. MO2 can also help streamline your processes by customizing and installing gas mixers and distribution systems, specialty gas systems, manifold and back-up systems that meet your current demands and also future growth requirements. This will aid in reducing cylinder inventory, improve labor requirements for cylinder change out, and delivery & supply management.

MO2 can also support you in your laser assist gas needs by utilizing high pressure portable liquid containers, micro-bulk and bulk systems in conjunction with a Trifecta system. We install telemetry to remotely monitor your bulk and micro-bulk tanks so that you have an uninterrupted supply of nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and carbon dioxide process gases.